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NEW ETHIOPIAN AND ERITRIAN COMEDY 2020 PART 4(Ethio tiktok)| ethiopian comedy | Ethiopian tik tok

Published on 30 Aug 2020 / In Shows

In these video we mostly incuded most ethiopian comedy and eritrian comedy videos.

In these Ethiopian tik tok video we hade included more ethiopian tik tok dance also eritrian tik tok 2020 is included. These is because of ethiopian and eritrian are basically the same and we talk the same language so you will probably see eritrian videos in out funny video complation videos. And also these are ethiopian comedy 2020 only meaning we didnt include videos that were made in the previous years and something worth a note is there is going to be many videos like these. They will come in part so tune in.

NEW ETHIOPIAN AND ERITRIAN COMEDY 2020 PART 2(Ethio tiktok)| ethiopian comedy | Ethiopian tik tok

Ethiopian tik tok videos we always incuded some famous celebrity like danayit mekbib but now we are only focusing on the videos content only the could have big following or non it doesn't matter.

In these particular ethio tiktok video we incuded videos with the hashtag ethiopian tiktok, ethio tik tok, tik tok habesha, tik tok ethiopia, tik tok habesha and ethiopia if you want to be featured in the next video just post your videos with those hashtag that are listed and if your content is good enough we will include you in our next video.

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